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Oxford Baby Cafés Group provides local breastfeeding support in the community in weekly sessions in Oxford, facilitated by highly experienced breastfeeding counsellors. Come for help with specific issues or just to hang out with other breastfeeding mothers. Hope to see you soon!

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Dear Baby Cafe Community,

Due to funding challenges and the closure of most of Oxfordshire's children's centres, the timetable changed again during the course of February 2017. One session closed outright (Marston on Mondays) while two moved to new venues (the Tuesday & Friday sessions), for a new total of 4 weekly sessions. Please see our timetable page for details. We apologise for any confusion during the transition. While we are very sad to lose sessions and valued partners in the centres that closed, we are delighted that Oxford Baby Cafés will continue to serve local families.

Our future is still uncertain and we welcome donations on our Local Giving Page. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already donated and thanks also to the dedicated team of fundraisers who have been working really hard to raise money for us. (If you would like to help, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would love to hear from you!)

Please share this as widely as possible, and encourage those who have used our service to "pay it forward" by making a donation so that we can continue to support other families.

Thanks to all your support we got over 12,000 votes and made the final selection for the Aviva Community Fund. Sadly we didn't win any of the large awards but we were recognised with £500 for having a good bid with great public support. Thank you to everyone who voted!

The Oxford Community Foundation grant we received last autumn will enable us to restart a monthly antenatal session. The details are still being worked out but it will be linked with one of our remaining Baby Café sessions to enable an easy follow-through from antenatal to regular Baby Café.

With best wishes,

Lisa Mansour - Project Lead

Jayne Joyce, Charlotte Gilman and Catriana McKie - the Oxford Baby Cafes Group Team

Last updated April 2017